5 Festival Celebrations to Not Miss When in India

India, the country known for its culture, customs, colours and festivals. Throughout the year, people of different religion celebrates one or the other festival in any part of country. People of different state celebrates different things but one thing that unites the country is, every state respects the festivals of other and try to celebrate with the touch of their religion. Every festival holds a major significance. These festivals make India a popular destination for the travellers. Here is a list of few festivals that one should experience in India. Read more

barharbor coast

The Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine

barharbor coast

This photo shows the beautiful coast of Bar Harbor. The rugged landscape is a perfect place to feel relaxed. Taken by InAweOfGodsCreation.

The northeast corner of the United States, being on the Atlantic ocean, is full to countless harbors that each have their own beauty. They are rich in history, and can be thought of as the pathway to the first Europeans landing on this country. But looking up at the north area, a particular spot surfaces. Dating back as early as the late 1700s, this area was used for tourism. There are many reasons why Bar Harbor, Maine sticks out to residents of the United States and abroad.

Because of the ease of accessing this spot, it gave rise as a common tourist destination very early on in American history. In 1880, there were already about thirty hotels in Bar Harbor. Originally, this small city was called Eden, after a man from Europe had claimed this territory. The name later changed due to competitiveness between Newport, Connecticut. They were each trying to be the top tourist destination, and both offered several of the same luxuries attractive to its visitors.

Bar Harbor was also used during WWII as a base for the navy. They used this port to house submarines that were being prepared for the war. At one point, torpedoes were even fired from Bar Harbor. With military influence in Bar Harbor, this also gave women of the surrounding area a chance to become employed. Several of them contributed to tasks such as this throughout the United States.

The climate of this region is ideal throughout the summer months. The temperatures are cool at night, but very sunny and warm during the day. The humidity tends to be quite high, but not unbearable. The spring can also be a nice time to visit Bar Harbor, but rain may be an issue when trying to enjoy the outdoors. The fall can be pleasant, but unpredictable cold temperatures may be uncomfortable for some visitors.

Bar Harbor itself has many splendid features to offer its visitors. The ocean provides a great way to relax, and let the day slowly float by. Taking a nap and listening to the ocean waves roll over the sand is a main highlight for guests. Bar Harbor is also home to the highest mountain peak within a twenty five mile distance to shore, so many people are able to get a lovely scenic view of the ocean. This is called Cadillac Mountain. The downtown area has been noted as very cute and full of nice boutiques. Small town shopping is at its prime in Bar Harbor. When the tide is low, a sandbar can be found a short distance from the coast. Many people with boats will head out there, anchor, and hang out on the ocean. A true American way to spend a day of vacation is out on the sand bar, perhaps enjoying a nice beverage.

cadillac mountain view

This beautiful sunset photo was taken by Paul VanDerWerf, and shows the view from Cadillac Mountain.

Bar Harbor has many things to see and do. Anyone of any walk of life can find peace with the ocean, or adventure by climbing the mountain. The history can be appreciated, dating so far back in time. Thinking of the thousands of people that have enjoyed the beach, the views, and the quiet setting over the past 200 years is an astonishing thing. To explore more about Bar Harbor, visit the Bar Harbor official website. Make this your reality by exploring here in your free time!


Why It is Fair to Try iGO Primo Navigation App Instead of Others?

iGO Primo has been powered by exactly the same tried-and-trusted iGO Engine found in millions of Navigation devices all over the world: faster & more reliable than previously, with a couple of new features for a far more intelligent navigation.

However, it has been found that, continuous usage of any GPS device can dramatically decrease battery life. Because of size limitations in iGO Europe application, the Maps of Iberia, Nordics and Ukraine can be obtained for free. Apple has set a limit of 2 GB for applications; therefore we might need to exclude some applications from the mobile device.

With iGO Primo App one can use the map in both 2D and 3D display with features like zoom-in & zoom-out, drag, tilt, rotate, and choose any place on the map as destination. iGO primo andriod can automatically select between portrait and landscape screen when device is rotated; however this feature is common in all modern applications nowadays. The app works perfectly in complex situations where there is low battery, no network signals etc. At morning & evening time iGO primo which is meant for android switches device lighting settings (brightness / contrast) on auto-pilot for better display and to save device battery usage. One can attend an incoming call and the iGO Primo will still be working in background and will let you know where you are located after the call.

igo primo at day

igo primo at day


igo primo at night

igo primo at night

A new version of iGO can be downloaded from by contact them. The latest version has high-definition resolution which does not have a translucent screen and contains various languages, there are few display bugs to repair still, but this is a great navigation solution for people around the world who use their mother language. So in a brief sentence it is one of the best navigation applications for mobile devices in the market – without a doubt.

iGO My Way is price at $25.00 in USA and works with any device having iOS 3.0 or later. They offer a trial which can be utilized for 10 days to test the app to its fullest without any feature restriction in trial mode. Nevertheless, you can buy the entire version of the program with PayPal too.

Harbors Draw Us All In


Photo credit goes to Roger Wollstadt.

Harbors have always been a major draw for people of all kinds. Whether you consider yourself an extroverted athletic social butterfly or an introverted home body wall flower, there are always activities that you can enjoy in any of the harbors around the world, but in particular the United States of America. One could argue that the draw of harbors is the same as that of beaches by the world’s oceans or lakes or rivers, essentially though the numbers don’t lie and you can see that places with water front property, and particularly ocean front property, are by leaps and bounds more densely populated than places that are purely landlocked such as the mid-western states in America. Granted, there are certainly plenty of exceptions to that rule of thumb, just take a look at China and India, the most densely populated countries per capita on the planet, each of which sport a population that tops over the one billion mark, and neither of these countries are islands, but any lake or river in those places is sure to have a fair amount of people teeming around it. Essentially, water is life, and people of all ethnicities, of all nations, ages, creeds, sexual orientations or gender identities, are sure to be aware of this and respond to this call.  The tourist attractions for harbors are without compare, you can enjoy a hike, sight see some of the natural landscapes, go for boat rides, fishing, crabbing, volleyball, bonfire parties by the beach, and of course the simple and soothing act of swimming.  There’s plenty of less physically or socially demanding activities to be enjoyed for the more passive individuals who would rather sit and sip a drink while reading a dear novel by the beach, or the slew of various restaurants that are often positioned perfectly at a harbor town.  One last and less well-known attribute that draws people to harbor towns is the industrious nature of such cities, and particularly in the time of a dragging economy, people often come in search of work or a better job.  Harbors are a symbol of humanity’s accomplishments thus far as a society, and likely will be for the foreseeable future.


Photo credit goes to Jay Phagan.