The Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine

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barharbor coast

The Beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine

barharbor coast

This photo shows the beautiful coast of Bar Harbor. The rugged landscape is a perfect place to feel relaxed. Taken by InAweOfGodsCreation.

The northeast corner of the United States, being on the Atlantic ocean, is full to countless harbors that each have their own beauty. They are rich in history, and can be thought of as the pathway to the first Europeans landing on this country. But looking up at the north area, a particular spot surfaces. Dating back as early as the late 1700s, this area was used for tourism. There are many reasons why Bar Harbor, Maine sticks out to residents of the United States and abroad.

Because of the ease of accessing this spot, it gave rise as a common tourist destination very early on in American history. In 1880, there were already about thirty hotels in Bar Harbor. Originally, this small city was called Eden, after a man from Europe had claimed this territory. The name later changed due to competitiveness between Newport, Connecticut. They were each trying to be the top tourist destination, and both offered several of the same luxuries attractive to its visitors.

Bar Harbor was also used during WWII as a base for the navy. They used this port to house submarines that were being prepared for the war. At one point, torpedoes were even fired from Bar Harbor. With military influence in Bar Harbor, this also gave women of the surrounding area a chance to become employed. Several of them contributed to tasks such as this throughout the United States.

The climate of this region is ideal throughout the summer months. The temperatures are cool at night, but very sunny and warm during the day. The humidity tends to be quite high, but not unbearable. The spring can also be a nice time to visit Bar Harbor, but rain may be an issue when trying to enjoy the outdoors. The fall can be pleasant, but unpredictable cold temperatures may be uncomfortable for some visitors.

Bar Harbor itself has many splendid features to offer its visitors. The ocean provides a great way to relax, and let the day slowly float by. Taking a nap and listening to the ocean waves roll over the sand is a main highlight for guests. Bar Harbor is also home to the highest mountain peak within a twenty five mile distance to shore, so many people are able to get a lovely scenic view of the ocean. This is called Cadillac Mountain. The downtown area has been noted as very cute and full of nice boutiques. Small town shopping is at its prime in Bar Harbor. When the tide is low, a sandbar can be found a short distance from the coast. Many people with boats will head out there, anchor, and hang out on the ocean. A true American way to spend a day of vacation is out on the sand bar, perhaps enjoying a nice beverage.

cadillac mountain view

This beautiful sunset photo was taken by Paul VanDerWerf, and shows the view from Cadillac Mountain.

Bar Harbor has many things to see and do. Anyone of any walk of life can find peace with the ocean, or adventure by climbing the mountain. The history can be appreciated, dating so far back in time. Thinking of the thousands of people that have enjoyed the beach, the views, and the quiet setting over the past 200 years is an astonishing thing. To explore more about Bar Harbor, visit the Bar Harbor official website. Make this your reality by exploring here in your free time!